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When you need a Family Law Attorney who genuinely cares about you, Patrick Kelley is the person to call for help with your Divorce, Child Custody and Timesharing, Child Support or Paternity case as well as other aspects of New Mexico Family Law.

Family Law also includes Kinship Guardianship cases, where other family members, often Grandparents or other extended family members, take over the custody and day-to-day responsibilities of a minor child on either a temporary or permanent basis. Grandparents Rights and Pre-Nuptial Agreements are two other areas of Family Law that our office will be happy to help you with. Patrick Kelley also represents clients in Domestic Violence matters in both civil and criminal court.

Another area of Family Law that you can discuss with Patrick Kelley is whether a Collaborative Divorce is right for you and your family. Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial, alternative approach to divorce that utilizes a variety of experts along with your attorney to resolve issues like dividing your assets and liabilities and custody and timesharing of your minor children.

During your first meeting with Patrick Kelley, you will be provided valuable information regarding New Mexico Family Law that will assist you in better understanding your case and what you should expect during the course of your case.

Call us today at (505) 246-2800 for a no obligation consultation. Our caring staff will set up an appointment for you at your earliest convenience with Patrick Kelley either in person or by telephone.

"Patrick Kelley seemed to be very understanding. He was very nice and easy to talk to about the problems I was having. I think he did a wonderful job on my case and I thank him very much. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a divorce lawyer. "
By John K

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